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Larry Harrod

EVP, Finance

Larry Harrod joined Acadia Healthcare in August 2019 as the company’s Executive Vice President of Finance. In this role he holds supervisory responsibilities for the hospital financial teams, cash management, government reimbursement, revenue cycle and procurement. Mr. Harrod has been highly involved in driving the financial and operational improvements that have enabled Acadia to increase its market cap and achieve a margin improvement of ~3%.

Prior to joining Acadia, Mr. Harrod spent 23 years at Universal Health Services, Inc., serving most recently as Senior Vice President of Finance in the Behavioral Health Division under former Acadia CEO Debbie Osteen. Under their leadership, UHS’s Behavioral Health Division grew from 23 facilities with a net revenue of $162 million to over 300 facilities with a net revenue of more than $4.9 billion, which was accomplished from acquisitions and start-ups.

Before joining Universal Health Services, Mr. Harrod spent time as the Chief Financial Officer of Horsham Clinic. Prior to this role he served as the Group Chief Financial Officer of Charter Medical of England, where he oversaw Nightingale Hospital, Charter Clinic Chelsea and Clinique de Materia, facilities based in London and Switzerland. Two out of three of these facilities were startups that were at high occupancy and exceeded all financial goals within two years. Earlier in his career, Mr. Harrod also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Charter Group, overseeing three locations in the Los Angeles Area.

Mr. Harrod earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business/management and economics from Mercer University.

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