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One of our major responsibilities as public safety leaders is to mitigate risk,

right? Strategic planning, scenario-based training, threat assessment, and situational awareness…all necessary components of solid risk mitigation. Candidly, ensuring our mental well-being should be no different. Here are some best practice suggestions if you are looking for solid measures to enhance your wellness resources…even if your funds are limited and you’re confused on where to start?

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With access to a variety of clinically driven programs both inside and outside of Acadia’s formal network, the Treatment Placement Specialists® team has higher-level options for nearly every need and population, helping individuals and families access the most appropriate care for lasting recovery.

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Treatment Placement Specialists® work with an array of healthcare providers, such as psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and licensed therapists, to expedite patient placement and locate programs that are most suited to each client’s unique needs.

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Professional Events

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team is pleased to partner with behavioral healthcare providers across the country to educate and inform individuals about the latest treatment modalities and evidence-based care through continuing education events, roundtable discussions, and professional workshops.

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The Treatment Placement Specialists® team serves as a nationwide network of behavioral healthcare assistance professionals. We offer hands-on guidance to both clients and clinicians in need of a variety of behavioral health solutions. Contact your local TPS today to learn more or to share your experience collaborating with a member of our team.

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Improving Lives through Informed Treatment Guidance®

Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team provides complimentary treatment guidance and referrals for individuals who need personalized programming due to behavioral health and substance use concerns. As a free resource to licensed professionals, families, employer groups, first responders, higher education entities, and individuals in need, TPS empowers clients to feel confident in their treatment decisions, yielding stronger results and more positive recovery outcomes.

Learn About Acadia’s Treatment Placement Specialists®

Learn About Acadia’s Treatment Placement Specialists®

Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team is a leading resource for people who are seeking personalized care for a range of behavioral health concerns. We offer expert guidance and tailored referrals for individuals and families who have a wide variety of treatment needs. Our treatment specialists provide services on a complimentary basis, increasing access to crucial support and placement assistance for those in need.

Our qualified treatment specialists proudly make up a national network of behavioral healthcare support professionals. TPS team members work closely with both clients and referring providers to help ensure the most optimal care outcomes for people who are suffering from behavioral health concerns, including substance use disorders, mental health concerns, eating disorders, and the impacts of trauma. In addition to supporting individuals and families in need, members of Acadia’s Treatment Placement Specialists® team also work with healthcare providers, employer groups, higher education entities, and first responder communities to help people find effective care.

The goal of the Treatment Placement Specialists® team is to help clients access high-quality behavioral healthcare programs that can support lasting healing. When you work with our treatment specialists, you can receive expert assistance at each key step of your care journey. Our treatment specialists will work closely with you to help you feel confident in your healthcare choices, allowing you to create an effective and empowered path to long-term well-being.

The treatment specialists at Acadia have the experience, skills, and resources to help clients make meaningful progress on their journeys to better health. We understand that each person who seeks our placement or support services has specific needs and a unique story. Our premier treatment specialists work closely with each client and provide customized support that honors the person’s unique goals and stage of life. Through our extensive and vetted network of facilities and programs, our treatment specialists can help you access care that is appropriate for your age, developmental needs, values, and background.

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team at Acadia Healthcare offers the following key services:

  • Program visits and vetting
  • Pretreatment consultations
  • Ongoing communication during treatment
  • Continuing care planning and assistance
  • Support for referring professionals and care coordination for clients

If you are a referring professional working with TPS, our treatment specialist’s main goal will be to help you help your client. We know that it can be challenging for providers to assist clients who may need more intensive services than what they offer. At no cost to you, we will collaborate with you on the referral process, helping your clients access the acute care programs they need to be successful.

Benefits of Working with the Treatment Placement Specialists® Team

Benefits of Working with the Treatment Placement Specialists® Team

The Treatment Placement Specialists® at Acadia understand how overwhelming it can be to locate appropriate care for a substance use disorder or behavioral health concern. Our goal is to help clients find trusted services that can meet their needs. As part of this effort, our premier treatment specialists can help streamline the admissions process for clients, including verifying insurance benefits.

Our Treatment Placement Specialists® are committed to helping clients access quality care as easily as possible. And they want each person to be successful once they begin receiving services in their chosen program. To help each client find the care that’s right for them, the treatment specialists at Acadia can refer clients to programs both inside and outside Acadia’s network of facilities.

As part of their placement services, our team of treatment specialists makes sure to thoroughly vet and approve every program they refer clients to. One of our TPS staff members personally visits each program before our team recommends it to a client. This helps ensure that clients can receive care that is ethical and of the highest quality.

The TPS team also offers pretreatment consultation services to help clients successfully navigate the care experience. In addition to helping our treatment specialists better understand clients’ needs, these conversations can help empower clients to take ownership of their healing journeys.

Once you begin receiving behavioral healthcare services, you may need additional support to maximize the benefits of your specific program. The treatment specialists on our team know that collaboration among different professionals can be helpful for a client’s success in treatment. With appropriate permission, we’re able to maintain contact with clients and their care teams during treatment. This helps us maintain a relationship with the client as they progress through their program and on to the next phase of their healing journey.

Another benefit of receiving support from our Treatment Placement Specialists® team is our extensive aftercare assistance. Our professionals understand that participating in behavioral health programming is likely to be just one part of someone’s healing journey. Each member of our team recognizes the importance of continuing care, and they work with clients to facilitate aftercare planning and follow-up referrals as appropriate. As part of our aftercare planning, we consider factors such as clients’ finances, transportation, and social support systems when determining the most suitable options.

If you are a referring professional, you can also benefit immensely from working with one of the treatment specialists at Acadia. A member of the TPS team can work with you to collect relevant details about your client, conduct research on potential treatment programs, and provide recommendations for your client’s care. We can also work directly with your client if needed, as well as provide support with their continuing care planning.

How To Select the Right Treatment Placement Specialist

How To Select the Right Treatment Placement Specialist

Members of our Treatment Placement Specialists® team are located across the country to provide expert services for those in need. This nationwide network allows us to maintain local partnerships with healthcare providers who offer programs for people who have substance use disorders, eating disorders, depressive disorders, trauma-related disorders, and other behavioral health concerns. Due to our wide network of trained professionals and quality programs, TPS can be an excellent resource for anyone who is seeking tailored services in a certain geographic area or for a given need.

If you decide that working with the Treatment Placement Specialists® team may be right for you, you might wonder how to select the right professional. Fortunately, each of our specialists is skilled in helping clients and providers who have a wide range of placement needs. To begin working with the TPS team, you may contact your local Treatment Placement Specialists® team member or reach out to the TPS team directly.

By choosing Acadia’s treatment specialists to help you find appropriate care, you can benefit from our tailored approach to working with clients and referral sources. TPS team members consider a variety of factors when recommending programs for clients, such as:

  • The client’s financial needs and insurance coverage
  • The disorder the client may be struggling with
  • Any social and spiritual requirements
  • The client’s geographic location

Acadia’s Treatment Placement Specialists® are skilled in assessing clients’ needs and recommending specialized programs. For example, if someone has a substance use disorder, the treatment specialist may evaluate the client’s treatment history and unique recovery goals to determine the kinds of programming that may work best for them.

When you work with one of our many addiction treatment specialists, you can benefit from their expert support as well as their connections with various high-quality substance abuse treatment programs. The addiction treatment specialists at TPS have access to integrated, evidence-based care that can help you get on the road to long-term recovery. Depending on your needs, your addiction treatment specialist may suggest options like the following:

  • Dual diagnosis programming if you have a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder
  • Specialty programs that incorporate innovative and holistic approaches

In addition to disorder-specific care, we can also help clients find gender-specific programming if this is appropriate for their therapeutic needs. Our premier treatment specialists also understand that receiving age-appropriate care can be valuable for long-term healing, and we have access to many behavioral health programs that provide exactly this kind of support.

Treatment Placement Specialists® can also help clients access specialty services like:

  • Faith-based programs
  • Military programs for active-duty service members and veterans
  • Outdoor and wilderness programs for young people
  • Treatment for complex or chronic pain

Additionally, if you are a member of the first responder or law enforcement community, you may turn to our specialized placement services for first responders. Public safety liaisons on our TPS team can help guide you or your loved ones in selecting the right care program for your situation and background. Our free TPS services can help you navigate the admissions process and care experience with confidence, as well as prepare you for ongoing success when your care program ends.

When you reach out to the Treatment Placement Specialists® team at Acadia, you can feel confident that you’ll be connecting with an advocate. Your treatment specialist will get to know you as an individual, strive to meet you where you are, and help you transform courage and hope into a brighter future.

Services Offered by the TPS Team

Seeking treatment for mental health disorders, behavioral concerns, and substance use challenges can be immensely overwhelming, especially when navigating the admissions process. The TPS team works to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

We believe in involving clients in their treatment and recovery before residential or step-down care even begins. Treatment Placement Specialists® provide tailored treatment guidance to referents and families to empower clients to take ownership of their personal recovery goals.

Vetting Programs

Treatment Placement Specialists® help clients navigate the clinical options that best match their needs while ensuring that all programs are ethically and clinically sound. We will never refer clients to a treatment center that one of our team members has not personally visited and vetted.

Ongoing Communication During Treatment

Our team understands that the relationship between referent and client should continue throughout treatment. With a release of information (ROI) on file, we do everything in our power to ensure appropriate communication during residential treatment so that this relationship can continue.

Continued Care Planning & Assistance

We know that residential care is just the beginning of the journey to recovery. We also provide assistance with aftercare planning, outpatient referrals, and, when clinically appropriate, can ensure that your client returns to your practice for continued treatment.

Our TPS Team

We strategically place members of our TPS team across the country to increase access to care. This also allows us to form partnerships with healthcare professionals who already serve clients with addictions, chronic pain, mood disorders, eating disorders, mental health concerns, and trauma-related diagnoses.

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