Covington Behavioral Health Hospital

About Covington Behavioral Health Hospital

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital in Covington, Louisiana, is a premier provider of comprehensive services for adolescents and adults who have been experiencing symptoms of mental health concerns such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our hospital in southern Louisiana is located about 70 miles east of Baton Rouge and about 40 miles north of New Orleans, just across Lake Pontchartrain. Programming options at Covington Behavioral Health Hospital include acute inpatient treatment for adolescents and adults, as well as outpatient services for adults only. All patients follow personalized treatment plans that are based on a thorough assessment of their unique strengths, needs, and goals.

What Makes Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Different?

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital offers age-appropriate mental health treatment to adolescents and adults. The experienced members of our multidisciplinary treatment teams understand the different ways mental health disorders can impact adolescents and adults, and we ensure that each patient receives the focused care that is most appropriate for their age and developmental level. We also appreciate the important role loved ones can play during and after an individual's time in treatment, and we provide significant support to our patients' loved ones.

  • Facility Type

    • Acute Inpatient Hospital
  • Ages Treated

    • Adults (Ages 18+)
  • Disorders & Addictions Treated

    • Memory Disorders
    • Mental Health Disorders
    • Mood Disorders
  • Levels of Care

    • Detoxification
    • Inpatient
  • Services Provided

    • Behavioral Therapies
    • Group Therapy
    • Individual Therapy
  • Payments Accepted

    • Commercial Insurance
    • Self-Pay
  • Placement Services

    • Children's Behavioral Solutions