Corporate Social Responsibility at Acadia

At Acadia, our primary mission is to improve the lives of our patients through successful treatment and recovery. We are focused on providing quality care to the approximately 14,000 patients in our facilities and the approximately 58,000 patients treated at our comprehensive treatment centers daily. Corporate social responsibility is at the core of who we are, of how we care for our patients, each other, and our local communities.

Hand in hand with our commitment to patient care is our commitment to our employees – to providing appropriate training, assuring safety, and fostering genuine engagement by our employees in the delivery of quality patient care.

We are focused on meeting the behavioral healthcare needs of our communities and supporting agencies that have a meaningful impact on people’s mental health. Through our affiliation with the Jason Foundation, we are making a difference in the lives of young people and helping to prevent youth suicides.

Finally, in addition to our commitments to people, we also strive to conserve environmental resources and to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.