First Responder Resiliency Training

Acadia Healthcare, in collaboration with the Treatment Placement Specialists® team, is proud to partner with the FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA) to provide training that equips law enforcement leadership with the tools they need to be a resource for first responders who are struggling with mental health and substance use challenges that stem from trauma experienced in the field.

About the Train-the-Trainer Program

The Comprehensive Officer Resilience Train-the-Trainer Program is a three-day training program developed to equip public safety leaders with the ability to change the culture surrounding mental health challenges among first responders. The goal of this training program is to promote an environment of self-care and better well-being among police officers, firefighters, and others on the front lines to help them achieve peak performance, safety, and attitude.

The Six Pillars of Health

Throughout this training, we cover six pillars of a person’s well-being, including:

  • Physical health
  • Psychological health
  • Spiritual health
  • Societal health
  • Financial health
  • Professional health

These pillars allow us to take a holistic look at a person’s wellness, including how various aspects of their lives can influence their ability to meet daily demands and whether they feel emotionally or spiritually fulfilled.

What to Expect

As a leader for your organization, you understand that first responders often experience prolonged periods of hypervigilance because of the amount of trauma they may experience in the field, which can have devastating effects on their physical and emotional well-being. Without the tools to process this trauma, first responders may experience negative long-term effects, which can impact their job performance and quality of life.

During the Comprehensive Officer Resilience Train-the-Trainer Program, you will learn the tools necessary to help your team of first responders learn how to break the cycle of hypervigilance, vicarious trauma, and posttraumatic stress. Through effective, comprehensive training, you can help your team focus on their professional and personal well-being, allowing them to serve their communities with renewed hope and resilience.

Training Events

Acadia Healthcare and the Treatment Placement Specialists® team have partnered with the FBINAA’s Officer Safety & Wellness Committee to equip our country’s first responders with the necessary resilience skills to do their jobs and keep themselves and our communities safe. Below are upcoming events we are co-hosting across the country:

Upcoming dates TBA

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