Client Resources

Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) offer a free service that connects our clients with treatment programs and specialized services, helping individuals get the care they need for mental health concerns, substance use disorders, eating disorders, chronic pain, and trauma-based behavioral challenges.

Neuropsychological Testing

If an individual needs testing to confirm a mental health concern, the TPS team can connect that person with a mental health professional who will conduct neuropsychological testing. Depending on the results, our TPS team can match that individual with follow-up services if needed.

Levels of Care

Our TPS team can connect individuals to treatment at all levels of the care continuum depending on what best serves their current recovery goals, including:

  • Residential treatment: Individuals receive round-the-clock care, immersion in a recovery-based community, and respite from negative influences such as work-related pressures and stresses.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): This is the most intensive outpatient level of care and typically includes treatment during the day. Individuals then return to their homes or other living arrangement after the treatment day ends.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): Participants usually receive care during mornings or evenings on certain weekdays, allowing them to attend school, go to work, or otherwise meet their personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Traditional outpatient services: Some residential programs within the TPS referral network may offer ongoing traditional outpatient services.

Disorder-Specific Treatment

Some individuals achieve better health outcomes when they participate in a program that specializes in treating the mental health challenge they are struggling with. During an individual’s assessment with a TPS team member, we can determine if that person may benefit from disorder-specific treatment and recommend the most appropriate type of care for their current needs.

Addiction Treatment

TPS team members are trained to assess how a person’s struggles with substance use has affected their ability to experience successful treatment outcomes. We can help determine if an individual needs specialized dual diagnosis treatment for a mental health concern that is associated with addiction. We can also help clients find safe, confidential detox programs or medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help get them on the path to successful, sustained sobriety.

Complex Pain Treatment

Many individuals who are grappling with mental health and addiction concerns also suffer from other conditions that cause chronic or complex pain. It is essential for these individuals to receive multifaceted care that addresses all aspects of their health. The TPS team is qualified to determine when a person needs this type of treatment and can refer individuals to a number of programs within the TPS network.

Population-Based Treatment

We understand that many factors in a person’s life can influence how they experience a mental health challenge. Men and women can sometimes benefit from a treatment experience that includes only those of the same gender, while individuals of various ages can sometimes benefit from developmentally appropriate treatment. Our TPS team members can help individuals find gender-specific or age-appropriate care whenever necessary for a person’s recovery.

Specialty Programs

Our TPS team can connect individuals to a variety of specialty programs that allow them to heal in an environment that is the most beneficial to their background, experiences, and recovery goals. Outdoor adventure-based treatment programs offer innovative healing opportunities for adolescents and young adults in the inspirational and transformational environment of the wilderness. Faith-based treatment programs blend an individual’s faith into the healing process, which can have a profound impact on a person’s recovery. And military-based programs offer sessions based on the unique treatment needs of veterans along with both active and inactive military service members.

Our National Placement Services
  • Children's Behavioral Solutions
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  • Treatment Placement Specialists

Our National Affiliations & Organizations
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • National Association for Behavioral Healthcare
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • The Jason Foundation
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval