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Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team intends to equip behavioral health and medical professionals with the information they need to make the most appropriate client referrals. We want all individuals to have access to the services they need to address mental health concerns, addiction, and trauma-based conditions.

How We Work with Professionals

The TPS team is fully dedicated to helping mental health and medical professionals meet their clients’ needs. These professionals can benefit from collaboration with TPS to determine a suitable level of care within our large provider network. The TPS team can also contact individuals directly to discuss available treatment options. If TPS is unable to connect your client with the appropriate treatment, they will provide referrals that can further assist them. Contact us today to learn more about Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialists® team.

How We Approach Continuing Care

The maintenance of healthy long-term recovery necessitates follow-up services, so the TPS team continues to work with referring professionals and clients even after they complete their initial care. The majority of programs within the TPS network of providers devise thorough aftercare plans that allow individuals to build upon the progress they made during treatment. Continuing care options include programs such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, traditional outpatient, medication-assisted treatment, specialty services, and support groups along with access to professionals who specialize in mental health and addiction. The TPS team considers financial status, transportation, and daily support when making client arrangements. If someone you know needs all-encompassing support through the treatment process, reach out to the TPS team today.

Concerns & Disorders We Address

With the opioid epidemic at an all-time high and individuals looking for alternative ways to manage their physical pain, the TPS team is equipped to work with those who are seeking management of complex pain. TPS is also able to make recommendations for dual diagnosis treatment to assist individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns and co-occurring substance use disorder. Our team can arrange aftercare options for individuals with a range of mental health concerns, including eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, neurocognitive disorders, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. We are also prepared to assist clients who are struggling with substance use disorders or the effects of trauma.

Understanding Our Team

The TPS team is trained to address the needs of the referent and their client rather than represent a facility. Working with the best interest of each individual in mind, we will only refer clients to facilities that have been visited and vetted by a member of our TPS team. Since we are not tied to a specific treatment center, our team has the freedom to impartially develop a client profile, gain an understanding of each individual diagnosis, and learn who clients are apart from their current crisis. These key aspects allow us to pair each person with the program that is right for them. While our credentialed TPS team is strategically placed in various communities to touch as many lives as possible, the staff remains in constant communication to ensure each client’s needs are fully met.

Our National Placement Services
  • Children's Behavioral Solutions
  • Military & Family Support Services
  • Treatment Placement Specialists

Our National Affiliations & Organizations
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval
  • The Jason Foundation

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