Treatment Placement Specialists®

TPS-Logo-Secondary-Screen-Color-SThe Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team is an initiative and service offering of Acadia Healthcare that provides free treatment guidance & placement for individuals in need of residential and stepdown care.

Working with the Treatment Placement Specialists®

This team works alongside anyone who may have someone in their care that is in need of treatment for substance use disorders, mental health concerns, chronic pain, and eating disorders. This includes behavioral health providers such as psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychologists and more, as well as professional assistance programs, employers in all industries, and first responders. The Treatment Placement Specialists®. While the TPS team is often called upon to offer critical referral consultation through vetted treatment options, their services continue past the placement of the client and onto assisting with aftercare coordination.

Patient Advocacy

Patient empowerment is critical when it comes to them getting the most out of their time in treatment. The TPS team works alongside providers, patients, and their families to ensure they are choosing treatment options that align with the recovery goals of each particular patient. Each local TPS member utilizes the TPS network of professionals strategically placed across the country to ensure they are presenting all options that could be a good fit. As true patient advocates, this includes not only Acadia’s programs, but vetted, trusted, and ethical treatment centers outside of Acadia’s formal network.

Treatment Placement Specialists® Services

The services of the TPS team include:

  • Treatment Guidance
  • Vetting Programs
  • Admissions Streamlined
  • Ongoing Communication with Concerned Parties During Treatment
  • Continued Care Planning & Assistance
  • Return to Work Planning (when applicable)

Made up of close to 60 individuals strategically placed across the country, the TPS team offers a group of experts who are in constant communication with one another, offering a nationwide network of assistance to anyone who works with Acadia’s TPS team.

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